What color suits you best?

Well picking the right color for the right occasion and on right time has always been an earth-breaking question for me. I like lot of colors but not always do they compliment me; most of the times I end up hearing –“Aren’t you going too bright today… Is it your birthday… Are you wearing someone else’s and etc etc.

So here I am with few steps (research down from internet, my parlor lady and of course the comments I received day to day) to know what color suits you best.

Lets go step by step:

Find out your skin color tone: Cold/Warm/Neutral

First check what color are your wrist veins, now see below to know your color tone:

Cold – Pink, Blue or Red

Warm – Yellow, Golden, or Olive

Neutral – If not sure its cold or warm

Examine Skin color

– Focus on your skin color right around your jaw line for the right result. Now see the below to know your result:
Fair Skin – if your skin is pale, translucent and get sunburns easily. You may also have freckles and redness.

Light Skin – If it’s just pale and sun burns turn to tan.

Medium Skin – Gets tanned easily but don’t sunburn.

Tan Skin – If its tan or olive color and best you rarely tan but look tanned always because of the color of course.

Deep Skin – If your skin color is dark and don’t get tanned ever.

Skin with Sun

Tans easily means more melanin (Warm Tone)

Burns before tanning or you don’t tan at all means less melanin (Cold Tone)


Now that you know your tone, pick your color:

Cold Tone – Blue and purple shade undertones suit best, stay away from too light shades, as they will wash out. When you are picking red for yourself, go for the deep bluish reds.

Warm Tone – All warm color shades goes well your skin tone. Pick a color of your choice and buy       the warmest shade…easy going.

Neutral Tone – Well if you are not able to differentiate it’s warm or cold, then you are neutral and can wear any color of any shade.

Pick your Jewelry

Gold compliments warm tone

Silver compliments cold tone

Neutral tone can enjoy both

KISS – Keep It Simple and Subtle

Making a statement with bold lips, apply strong shades to your lower lip only. Press your lips together, then use your finger to even out the color.

Some everyday tips for your beautiful lips

Must have a shade which is 2 shades deeper then your natural color.

How to check – Apply the color on upper or lower lip and then compare.

Want fuller/big looking lips, go for lighter lip color, as the dark shade will make your lips look smaller.

Going for the color as per your color tone helps but that’s not the end. Feel free to experiment and go wild carefree.


Image courtesy – Google