Indian Wedding – Clothing Tips for Curvy Women

Indian Weddings are always fun and exciting to attend.

Being invited to a wedding calls for lot of preparation, especially for ladies.

We ladies often run out of clothes and especially during such occasions when we don’t want to repeat the same attires.

Here let’s look into some clothing tips to rather flaunt your curves gracefully then look wide or bulky.


Instead of having embellishment or sequences on shoulder have it on your neck, if you have heavy shoulders. This will take all the attention from your problem part.


Another hack to draw eyes away from your flabby arms is to go for a fitted 3/4th or full length sleeve for your blouse/top wear. This will slim down your overall appearance.


Playful sleeve, when done right serves the purpose. Try out a slightly loose blouse with flowy sleeves.


Opt for brocade, silk, or crepe blouse with length covering your waist. Not only will this make a very comfortable outfit but also cover-up your waist hiding all extra flabs.


Chinese collar gives a accentuate look to your face & neck along with blocking eyes from flabby shoulders.


Stylize sleeveless tops and blouse with statement capes for the sheer look.


A well fit blouse with buttons in the front or back helps divide the body proportionally giving a nice frame.


Shirt style blouse add style, comfort and hide the flabs.


Royal navy blue full length suit makes the height flow naturally and hides the bust and curves.


Heavy Embellishment, as they make you look bulky.

ill fit blouses, too tight blouse attracts attention and creates extra bulges.

Avoid fabrics such as Lycra and satin or Georgette as these showcase every bit of your curves.

Avoid broad or width wise patterns.

Avoid whites or light shades and go for deeper or darker shades. ‘Black is the Best ’

Avoid horizontal stripes as they make you look much wider.