Wasabi – Japanese Ingredient for Health

“Wasabi is a plant that grows in a shoal of clean mountain river water. Its root is edible and is one of the common Japanese spices. Wasabi is usually eaten grated and fresh. Its leaves and stems are very pungent.” – wiki

With hot sensation felt in your nasal and no after burning taste, Wasabi gives you 10 sec hot blow.

Along with kicking your senses, wasabi also provides for health benefits and fight chronic diseases.


You can find wasabi in market in either stem, which is finely grated or in a paste form.

1. Anti-Cancer, Anti Inflammatory,& Arthritis

Wasabi contains isothiocyanates which helps fight below:

  • Inhibit the development of cancer
  • Protects our cells from damaging distortions.
  • Induce appropriate cell death in cancer cells.
  • Has an anti-inflammatory property
2. Aids Digestion

Wasabi’s high fiber content helps to regulate regular bowel movements and cures constipation.

3. Blood Pressure

Ratio content of high potassium and low sodium in wasabi has been found to reduce blood pressure.

4. Manganese

100 gm of Wasabi contains 25% of Manganese. Manganese is an important nutrition that controls blood sugar, energy metabolism, thyroid function, etc.

5. Anti-Bacterial

The Anti-Bacterial property of wasabi, restrict the growth of cavities and illness causing germ & viruses.

Note – Store wasabi in a closed container as it losses its flavor when exposed to air


  • Anything in excess is bad, consume wasabi in very less quantity.
  • Pregnant & breastfeeding women should avoid wasabi consumption
  • Wasabi might slow blood clotting
  • Only original authentic wasabi will help you reap the benefits
  • Avoid fake wasabi, though getting original wasabi is difficult
  • Fake wasabi may contain artificial ingredient, which may harm your health