Vaseline Petroleum Jelly – Know All

I am sure there is a box of Vaseline in everyone’s house to sooth your chapped lips or cracked feet.

This iconic formula does a lot more and can be your hands-on cream for many things.


Vaseline was initially introduced to heal wounds and burns for oil workers back in 1859.

It’s a semi solid jelly form substance made from refined oils and waxes. Its main ingredient is Petroleum.

Along with helping your skin to heal, retain moisture and acts as a water barrier, it has tons of other uses and benefits.

ALERT: Stay away from unrefined petroleum jelly as these may contain harmful ingredients.


1. Heals Burn & Wound

This was why Vaseline was initially discovered and because not much has changed, you can use this on less injured wounds & skin injuries.

2. Post Pregnancy

According to a study, Vaseline helps keep the skin moisture and soft during post pregnancy healing.

3. Moisturizer
  • Use as a body lotion to lock moisture
  • Use on your elbows and knees to soften them
  • Use as lip balm to soften chapped lips
  • Use as foot cream to heal cracked heels
  • Use as all day hand cream to keep your hand moisturized

I usually keep one Vaseline tub in my kitchen for sure and apply post washing dishes.

4. Prevent Rash

Apply a considerate amount of Vaseline wherever you feel friction from clothes or skin. Vaseline has shown results to prevent or lessen rashes, be it diapers rash or inner thigh rash, etc.

5. Makeup Remover

The texture of Vaseline makes it an ideal and safe makeup remover.

6. Shiny Hair

Vaseline on your hair results in adding shine.

How to use: Take 1 tsp [amount depends on your hair length and volume] of Vaseline on your palm, rub and apply to hair ends.

7. Skin Protective Barrier

Vaseline acts as a liquid barrier for your skin.

Apply a generous amount around your neck when dying hair, around your nails when applying nail paint, around your freshly done tattoo when taking shower, etc.

This protective layer also prevents infection or bacteria from infecting your wound.

8. Long Lasting Perfume

Apply Vaseline on your wrist and neck as a base before wearing your perfume. This will let your perfume last longer than usual.

9. Easy To Slide

Vaseline makes a perfect lube when you are trying to wear bangles or trying to remove that stuck ring.

10. Nail Care

Apply Vaseline into your nail beds to repair your cuticles. Vaseline helps the cuticles to retain moisture and heals cracked skin as well.


Vaseline is strictly for external use only
Avoid if you are allergic
Use the original product
Do not use expired date products
Clean the skin well before and after use
Do not use near Nose area, Inhaling mineral oils may cause aspiration pneumonia
Oily Skin & Acne prone – Avoid using on face

Petroleum jelly is an effective, affordable and easily available option. This small multitasking box will surely help you replace a lot of products for just a box of Vaseline.