Frequent visit to the pool water will starts to deprive your skin & hair of its natural oils and also break down the materials of your swim gear. For those with sensitive skin, chlorine can trigger allergies, rash or even sinus problems.

Let’s look into some tips on how to protect SKIN, HAIR, and SWIM GEAR from pool chemicals:



  • Rinse in cool water before entering the swimming pool to minimize absorption of chlorine.
  • Use Derma Swim Pro as a pre-swimming lotion created to help protect sensitive skin against pool water chemicals.


  • Spray vitamin C mixture after swimming – mix one teaspoon (5g) of Vitamin C powder or crystals into about 500 ml of water
  • Wipe yourself well before putting on clothes to avoid having rashes
  • Use a moisturizing lotion with antioxidants after swimming – moisturize fully after each swim with vitamin-infused moisturizers



  • Rinse it with cool tap water, this makes it less likely to soak up chlorinated pool water
  • Coat your hair with olive oil, baby oil,coconut oil or hair conditioner before putting on a swim cap, this helps protecting it from chlorinated water
  • Wear a proper fit swim cap


  • Use a shampoo that neutralizes the bond of chlorine and can strip it fully from your hair
  • Avoid dryer to prevent drying your hair out even more


  • Rinse your swimsuit and other gears before swimming in cool water
  • Stay away from rough and cracked corners
  • Post swim, hand wash all with cold running water
  • Do not bleach or machine wash
  • Soak swimsuit in the baking soda water mix for 1-2 hours before washing
  • Keep your swimsuit out of the sun and give it 24 hours to completely dry and regain its original

General Points to AVOID

  1. Avoid staying in the pool under extremely hot sun or thunderstorm
  2. Avoid having large meals before swim, have at least 2-3 hrs break
  3. Avoid too tight or too loose swimsuit

Damages Caused by Chemicals Present in the Pool Water

  1. Grey hair
  2. Hair breakage
  3. Dry, dull & frizzy hair
  4. Dry & itchy scalp
  5. Rough cuticles
  6. Nail damage
  7. Dry skin
  8. Acne breakouts
  9. Promotes skin aging