Clothing can sometime be very tricky and creative; it all boils down to how well you can carry it.

Dressing well & right makes you feel confident & comfortable, after all everyone wants to look fashionable.

One should not only concentrate on getting good clothes & accessories but learn your body type & flaws to accentuate your plus points.

Here are 7 basic styling tips to make you look your best.

1.Define your Waist – Irrespective of your body shape, accentuating your waist gives an appearance of curvy body.

Tip – Add a collection of Belts to your wardrobe, they always add magic to your outfit.

Thin belts for petite body & broad belts for taller body

  • High waist bottom with defining belts
  • Loose dress with waist tie-up
  • Tuck in your tee or shirt

2.Over Size – Bulky outfit can make you look huge, but you can do the justice by styling your oversize outfit to right length and volume.

3.Avoid Too Tight – Get rid of very tight or very small clothes from your wardrobe. Not only they make your uncomfortable but also draw attention extra body fat.

4.Pointed Toe for Petite – Pointed toe footwear create a nice illusion of elongated legs and the right length of heels lift the body up and make clothes fall better.

5.Stripes – Vertical stripes are the stripes that you need to pick while dressing, it gives an illusion of slimmer figure.

Avoid wearing stripes top to bottom

6.Accessories – Accessorizing right, not too much or not to less is the key.

  • A good pair of earrings will grab attention away from shoulders to face
  • Long necklace will grab attention away from hips
  • Bracelet will grab attention away from heavy arms

Just don’t overdo it.

7.Right length Pants –Know what you are wearing. Your bottom length should be in accordance to your footwear.