Pregnancy – Skin Care

Along with food and fitness concern during pregnancy , your skin care products also call out for special attention.

While you cut on your coffee, sushi, stress, heavy workout, high heels, tight clothes, etc.; lets discuss what all you need to cut from your skin care products.

There are certain ingredients present in our usual skin care products which is harmful for you & the baby while you are pregnant & breastfeed. Hence let’s rule out the products that can have an adverse effect on us.

“Precaution is better than Cure”


Avoid anti-aging products from your shelf while you are pregnant & breastfeed. These contain Retinoid, type of Vitamin A that helps skin renewal. Taking Retinoid orally can harm the unborn or cause child defect.


If going for Soy Skin care products, then opt for ones that are estrogenic component free. Estrogenic can worsen melasma.


Look out for a dermatologist for pregnancy induced to be on safe side. Avoid products which contain salicylic acid or retinoid. [2 percent or less salicylic acid content is considered safe]


Do a patch test, as most women skin gets sensitive and you may want to avoid the process.


Sunscreen is a must to use the moment you step out of home day time. Sunscreens are mostly safe to use just avoid one with these on ingredient list – Titanium dioxide & Zinc oxide


Look out for “noncomedogenic” or “nonacnegenic” mark-up on your cosmetic products. These are safe to use.

As mentioned earlier, avoid the ones that contain retinol or salicylic acid.

#Consult your doctor if you are using any cream, gel or spray for skin irritation, issue or treatment.

Well, with above mentioned products to avoid, lets learn safe ways to take care of our skin while you are pregnant.


Use a gentle nonresidue or glycerine based cleanser that’s mild & moisturizing. Do not wash your face multiple times a day.


Pregnancy triggers your hormones that can cause skin pigmentation & skin patches. After moisturizing, make a habit of applying sunscreen irrespective of the weather.

In addition to sunscreen, add below to avoid pigmentation:

  1. Healthy Diet
  2. Grass-fed Meat
  3. Grass-fed Dairy
  4. Vegetables [Avoid raw]
  5. Honey in limitation [Avoid other sugary products]
  6. Raw honey can help with dark spots on the skin
  7. Apply Lemon juice [Do not step out on sun for at-least 12-14 hrs after application]

Oily Skin

Women with oily or acne prone skin, might face more acne & itchiness in 1st trimester. Do not just apply your usual gel or cream; consult your doctor first. Usually products containing glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, topical erythromycin are considered safe.

  1. Add high quality probiotic to your diet
  2. Apply raw honey or curd face pack for clean & clear skin

Dry Skin

Women with dry skin also go through severe skin itchiness.

  1. Apply natural & fragrance free moisturiser to keep skin supple
  2. Drink lots of water
  3. Avoid sugary products

Above mentioned information will give you a gist of what ok and what’s not ok to use. All this works well when you stay happy and stress free. Make sure to find ways to keep your self-occupied so you don’t indulge in over eating or getting stuck in front of television.

When on doubt, do not hesitate to make a quick visit to your doctor.

Everyone will share their experience and give suggestion, pick wisely & check with your doctor. Remember, different body calls for different experience; what suited them might not necessarily suit you.

Pregnancy comes with lots of surprises as a lot is happening inside your body. Instead of panicking or stressing, treat yourself with utmost importance and pamper yourself. Start prepping for your skin health from the very first trimester.