Goodness of Dragon Fruit

Pregnancy calls for a healthy diet, benefiting both the mother and the child.
Dragon fruit, with small black seeds is one of those exotic fruits that proves to be a super-food during pregnancy.

What is Dragon Fruit?
Dragon fruit also known as “pitaya” hails from North & South America. However its widely available everywhere these days.

Nutritional Value?
Carbohydrates – Restores Energy
Calcium – Build Bones
Iron – Boost Hemoglobin
Potassium – Boost Immunity
Folic Acid – Fetus Brain Development
Vitamin C – Supports gums, teeth & bones
Fiber – Aids Digestion
Beta-carotene – Fights free radicals
Lycopene – Fights hypertension, heart problem & chance of cancer

Is it safe for Pregnant woman?

Absolutely Yes. Adding Dragon fruit to your diet during pregnancy will be one of your wisest decision.
Dragon fruit ensures infinite benefits for mum as well as the child health.

What are the benefits of adding Dragon fruit in diet for Pregnant women?
Dragon fruit properties not only fulfills pregnant women body requirement but also ensures unborn child healthy development.

Good Fat
Dragon fruit consist of monounsaturated fats, which a pregnant woman needs to build energy and keep the body process running along with the formation of the baby.

Dragon fruit comes with good supply of carbohydrates and this act as a stored source of energy, which gets activated when needed.
100 gm DF – Approx. 12gm carbohydrates

Diminishes Chances of Cancer
During pregnancy, free radicals within the body might increase the risk of cancer and cause damage to mother’s organ and hamper the baby’s growth.
Vitamin C, Beta-carotene and Lycopene properties of Dragon fruit works together to prevent internal damages & growth of unknown tumors.

Anti-fungal & Antibacterial
Dragon fruit provides for anti-fungal & antibacterial bodies that helps cellular regeneration and prevents infection.

The good content of fiber in Dragon fruit aids relief from constipation, persistent problem of pregnant women.
Fiber intake also helps keep you fuller and prevent sugar craving.

The iron content of dragon fruits helps the pregnant woman raise their hemoglobin level ,hence improving the capacity of carrying oxygen.

In the process of baby formation, a woman body needs good amount of calcium & phosphorous for:
1 – Foetus bone structure development
2 – Maintaining mother’s bone health

Folic Acid
Folic Acid is an important requirement for foetus healthy & defect-free nervous system development. Consuming dragon fruit provides adequate supply of folates.
Folic acid also boost the strength of the foetus and reduce any chances of miscarriage from taking place

Dragon fruit helps a pregnant woman maintain stable level of blood pressure & blood sugar.

Vitamin C
Pregnant woman needs lots of Vitamin C to provide the body with antioxidants that will help fight free radicals, strengthen immunity, regulate collagen synthesis and prevent damage to joints & gums.

How to Consume?

  • Blend to form juice or smoothie
  • Add to your salad or fruit bowl

#More than juice, preferably eat the fruit to reap maximum benefits.

Excess of anything is bad and may fail to serve the purpose.
Consume in moderate quantity, 1 cup a day

Overeating may cause diarrhea or skin rash