7 Beach Skin Care Tips

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Summer is the best and idle time for all beach lovers. Personally i love beaches and who doesn’t. Same time i also know the fact that once i am back home from my vacation, i so hate my skin and hair. So after year’s of ignorance and laziness, here are the skin care tips which i feel everyone in the beach should follow rigorously.

1. Sunscreen Intervals:

I know everyone uses sunscreen the moment you step out of your house, but you need to carry one in your purse and apply at every 1 hour interval. Use SPF 30.

2. Study your Skin:

The oily parts of your skin, has larger pores and produce more oils. These oils breaks your sunscreen faster, so keep an eye on that and apply sunscreen more often. Pay attention to your nose area, hairline, ears, tops of feet, toes and eyelids.
Water reflect sun light, so probably you have the biggest reflector when at the beach. Wear a hat and sun-glass and try to be under an umbrella as much as possible.

3. Keep away your exfoliates:

Give a month break from using any kind of exfoliates before your trip, regular exfoliates increases sun sensitivity.

4. Say bye to Acne:

Yes the salt water helps destroy the bacteria causing the acne.

5. Minimal Makeup:

Personally i recommend minimal or no makeup. But being girls we love using makeups, so just go for mineral makeup as they have an SPF rating of 20.

6. Shower is must:

Take shower to rinse off the salt water after you are done playing in the beach. This causes skin dehydration.

7. Hydrate & Moisturize:

Keep your skin hydrated from inside as well as outside. Drink ample of water and snack on fruits for internal hydration. From outside use moisturizer to keep you skin hydrated all time.

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With all the above steps you can have a fun and refreshing time at the beach….Have fun!!!!

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