5 Makeup Tips & Tricks for Professional Touch

5 makeup tips and tricks for professional touch

5 Makeup Tips and tricks

Of the professionals for lasting and genius makeup art. These products will make a huge difference in your beauty routine and stay with you longer.

1. Long Lasting Makeup


If you want your makeup to last for long and not fade away in the middle of your party, spray a little amount of setting spray over your face after applying makeup. This will help you in binding the makeup and protect your skin.

2. Soft Water


The hard water in your shower damages your hair making it dull and faded. Chlorine, heavy metal and VOCs are commonly found in tap water that also causes severe hair fall. Protect your hair by using a filter on your shower as well as tap like the Resc-Hue Water Purification System.

You can also give a final rinse to your hair using a bottle of mineral water.

3. Lips Touch


Applying lipstick with some trick does wonder. Instead of directly putting your favorite lipstick, start with powdering your lips, then apply lip liner. Finally using a brush apply your lipstick carefully.

4. Primer



Before starting with your makeup, apply primer to absorb oil and keep your face free of shine. A good primer like Smashbox’s Photo Finish oil free foundation primer also minimizes your pores.

5. Touch-up


Fixing few popping grey hair when you truly need to get hair re-colored, fill in the color gaps with a root concealer.This comes in a variety of different colors to match our hair. Spray it on to easily cover the grey pop ups.