Avoid 10 Make-Up Mistake

Avoid 10 Make-Up Mistake

To do your make-up in a right way, you need to know the different types of mistake we often do unknowingly. Well, after a lot of browsing, i have gathered few make up mistakes that we often do.


Avoid 10 Make-Up Mistake01

Hold the brush correctly
Hold the very end of the brush, when applying foundation. It will give you less control but a softer touch that’ll give you a more natural finish.


Avoid 10 Make-Up Mistake03

Do not put powder everywhere
Apply loose powder using a large brush, like the Synthetic Domed Multipurpose Brush, to powder the T-zone, or take a more detailed approach and use an eye contour to powder under the eyes, along the sides of the nose, and across any skin you want to look smoother.
Loose powder – Helps minimize shine and diffuse light to blur imperfections.


Avoid 10 Make-Up Mistake06

Limit the count of concealer
Be very clear to use the right amount of concealer. Use the least amount to get the most coverage. Use your finger in a tapping motion to build thin layers of concealer under your eyes, close to your nose. Then use a concealer brush to buff out the edges.


Avoid 10 Make-Up Mistake07 Avoid 10 Make-Up Mistake08

Maintain Brush Hygiene
Don’t let your makeup products get build up in your makeup tools. Instead, put several drops of waterproof eye makeup remover into a cup and swirl the brush in it to loosen old makeup. Then, swirl the brush in a drop of face wash to remove the makeup and remover. Rinse again. Lastly, comb through the brush with a fine-tooth comb to remove even more product.


Avoid 10 Make-Up Mistake11

Don’t complicate your eyes
For an everyday eye makeup routine, you need – smudged dark eyeliner, a medium-shade neutral shadow, and mascara.


Avoid 10 Make-Up Mistake05

Don’t just fill in with one color
Instead of using one color, perfect your brows with a gray-brown shade and a cool shade of dark brown. Use an angled eyeliner brush to fill the entire brow with the lighter shade. Then fill in any sparse areas, or even accentuate the arch with a pointed eyeliner brush and the deeper shade. Comb through with brow gel or a clean mascara wand to blend it evenly.


Avoid 10 Make-Up Mistake12

Right way to apply liner on your upper waterlines
Apply liner to your lower lash and waterline. Now blink—hard. When you squeeze your eye shut, some of the liner will transfer to the upper waterline. Repeat to add intensity and you’re done.


Avoid 10 Make-Up Mistake09

Limit Blush coverage
Apply color on the apples of the cheeks using a smaller brush in a circular motion and blend it out or soften it using a larger clean brush. Be careful and do not sweep the brush all the way to the hairline or under the cheekbones.


Avoid 10 Make-Up Mistake04

Eyeliner correct application
Applying eye liner has always been a struggle for me, until I stumbled on this article while randomly browsing. All you need to do is hold the pencil as if you were going to sign your name, keeps the eyes stretched and make sure your hand is rotated toward the side of your face so it doesn’t block your reflection in the mirror. Use a long, freshly sharpened pencil and draw with the side of the point. Press and drag the pencil instead of using the tip for better control.


Avoid 10 Make-Up Mistake02

3 Lip liners that you need
Lip liners are an essential in any makeup artist’s kit, and they should be in yours too.
1. A lip pencil that’s the same color as your lipstick. Create crisp lines or fill in the entire lip with pencil before layering lipstick so the color lasts longer.
2. A lip pencil that matches your natural lip color. Use this shade of pencil to line just outside your lips to create a plumper look.
3. A lip pencil one shade deeper than your nude lipstick. Nude lipsticks can blend into your skin tone, making lips seem to disappear. Line lips with this pencil before applying lipstick for stronger definition or after for softer definition.

I hope you all benefited and learned something new from this post. Please share your thoughts and knowledge to add more make up mistakes to help all do their makeup flawless.