Wonders that Leg raise can do

Wonders that Leg up the Wall did to me

Leg raise up the wall

Also known as Viparita Yoga leg up the wall pose helps improves circulation and can provide instant relief for the lower back, legs and feet.

So after going through tons and videos and blogs boasting the health benefits of lying down your back with your legs up against the wall, I decided to give it a shot myself to truly believe……. and i am totally amazed 🙂

It’s been almost 3 months, I have been practicing this on and off as and when I feel like and must say this is awesome. Thinking of it I feel it’s the most calming pose when i am tired or stressed.

To begin with start raising your legs for 1-2 min and can stretch up to 15-20 min with time.


  1. Muscles felt less tight
  2. Legs going against the gravity helps to get rid of any stagnant fluid build-up that you might have
  3. Improve in digestion
  4. Tension from legs, hips and feet gets drained
  5. Holding the posture long aids relaxing your nervous system making you feel healthier


  1. Avoid doing a full 90 degree angle leg raise as this can impede circulation at the hips, rather slide your hips a few inches from the wall or elevate your hips by placing a cushion under your sacrum.
  2. Avoid doing during menstruation
  3. Avoid if you suffer any serious eye problem
  4. Bend knees if feet begin to tingle


Pic & data courtesy – Google