Unimaginable beauty hacks from your own saliva

Well my mom introduced me with this early morning saliva massage tip. At first I felt grossed and disgusted but then she explained the factors behind and how it works.

So following her i started “early morning saliva massage” routine . For about 15 min just before my morning coffee is ready, I would massage my face a little with finger tips and wash gently with cold water and pat dry.

I was totally surprised by the results, in 2-3 weeks my acne, pigmentation & dark circles reduced significantly.

What is saliva & how it works?

Saliva is a highly acidic water based slimy liquid which is composed of proteins, enzymes and cell-derived tissue factors.

It’s stuffed with amazing amount of healing properties and is an ideal source to reap the benefits of a natural substance for hair and skin.


Before reaching the stomach, the process of breaking down starches in you food is done via your saliva. That’s how fast it is.


Apply your saliva in & around the eyes just like how you apply kajal.

Its water content is an useful moisturizer thus acts as a lubricant for dry eyes. Components like bicarbonate, potassium and pure water will benefit you from itchiness or infection.

Application around the eyes with slow massage on regular basis helps to get rid of dark circles.


Apply your saliva as many times as you wish throughout the day if you have any cuts, scrapes or wounds. Saliva helps sanitize and cleanse thus will help in faster healing.

This also reduces the chance of getting a scar.


Apply your own saliva on acne and pimples early in the morning when it’s in the pure form. The antibacterial and antimicrobial agent present in saliva does all the wonders in getting rid of in few weeks’ time.

Save your saliva:

  • Smoking pollutes and kills saliva
  • Consuming unhealthy things disrupts the saliva formation
  • Tobacco chewing reduces saliva strength gradually killing the formation


Early morning saliva is in the purest form and rich in healing.

  • Before brushing your teeth in the morning, scoop some saliva in a spoon and apply on the desired area.
  • Leave it for 15 min
  • Wash off with normal water
  • Pat dry

Disclaimer: This isn’t a medical advice, hence please seek a doctor for any uneasiness or rash.