Starbucks – Pick Wisely

Coffee cravings are hard to kill and even harder when you try. For me 4-5 cups of coffee is an average intake on daily basis, which actually led me think my calorie consumption just from that small little cute cup of coffee.

So I did my part of research via several post and studies by some of the great nutrients across and filtered few of my favourites that will not only help cut out that extra calorie intake but will also soothe your wallet.

TIP: Switch from regular Starbucks to skinny cutting calories in half.

Please carry your own Starbucks tumbler on your next visit to not only save that extra 2 RM but also help environment go plastic free 🙂


This drink is the classic choice for any coffee lover. As it’s made with foam milk is already a low calorie drink with approx. 110 calories.

Caffè Mistos

Pick a misto with low or no milk at all. They’re made with coffee instead of espresso thus uses less milk than a latte, which also cuts back on calories.

Skinny Vanilla or Mocha Lattes – Starbucks skinny latte

This is a perfect choice for those times when you want a fancier bev without overdoing it on calories. There are only 120 in a Lenti skinny vanilla compared to 250 in the regular version.

Cold Brew

The process of long brewing makes this drink a little less sweet and contains more caffeine that traditional iced brew.

Iced or Hot Tea

Pick them up if you want to ease on caffeine as they are super hydrating and calorie free. Herbal decaf blends include less than 15 milligrams, while caffeinated black and green teas still pack around 45 milligrams. For comparison, a Grande iced coffee contains more than three times that, and there’s even more in a cold brew.

Caffè Americano

This drink is simply water and espresso, making it a great option if you like strong coffee and loads of caffeine.

Say a big no to:

  • Whipped topping
  • Frappuccino
  • Tea Lattes – The tea powder used to make the lattes contains added sugar
  • Frozen Drinks
  • Juices & Smoothies
  • Sweetners
  • Real & Artificial Syrups

Pic & data courtesy – Google