Home Made Organic – Coconut oil & Lemon Shampoo

Home made organic coconut oil and lemon shampoo

We live in a era were entering a shopping mall confuses us with lots of options in each department. I use to buy things like shampoo and body-wash seeing its packaging and price. I use to think the higher the price the better the product will be and would end up buying different shampoo every-time i go.
As the water was too hard, i had sever rainfall and roughness issue. Then in one session of art of living i learned about herbal products being available in few stores and online shopping website. The review were pretty good and satisfying, but availability was another problem. so i did some more research and come across this home made herbal shampoo

“Coconut oil & Lemon shampoo “.


Organic Shampoo Base (I would prefer Stephenson Personal Care as it has become one of my favorite)
100% Pure coconut oil
Lemon essential oil
Medium size bowl

Home made organic coconut oil and lemon shampoo01

Pour one cup shampoo base into a bowl
Add 1 tbsp coconut oil and stir well
Mix 1 tsp lemon essential oil
Pour the mixture in an empty jar

And holla your home made organic shampoo is ready. Shampoo your hair and rinse off with cool water. Complete the process by giving a final rinse with one bottle of mineral water which will wash away the hard water residue.