Flaunt Your Natural Pink Lips

Flaunt Your Natural Pink Lips

Lot of people usually are not fortunate enough to have naturally pink lips in lieu of having lips that are pale as well as dark which is not attractive.

Dark lips can take place because of various reasons including humid temperatures, contact to direct rays of the sun, low blood circulation, stress, using inferior low standard lipstick, smoking, applying enough chemotherapy, fluoride, chewing tobacco, illness and ignoring weather.

Take appropriate care and follow natural home remedies for pink lips without buying costly products.

1. Moisturize

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Keep your lips well moisturized all the time, because lips have a small quantity of sebum. Apply petroleum jelly or lip balm before stepping in the sun. Use some coco butter if staying indoors.

2. Pomegranate Seeds & Milk

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Mash pomegranate seeds with little milk cream and apply this paste on your lips to lightening shady and tedious lips.

3. Cucumber

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Applying cucumber juice or rubbing its slice against your lips for five minutes regularly can lighten dark lips to a beautiful pink color.

Homemade Products

Do It Yourself

4. Rose Petals

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  • Soak few rose petals in milk for 2-3 hours
  • Form a smooth paste with soaked petals
  • Add few drops of glycerin and honey to the paste
  • Apply this paste on your lips for 15 min
  • Gently massage it and then just wipe it off using a cotton ball.

5. Makeup

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Remove makeup before going off to bed.

6. Scrub

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Flaunt Your Natural Pink Lips

Use your toothbrush each night to scrub the lips with it (make sure it is soft bristled) as well as this can eliminate the chapped, dry skin that forms around your lips, making them look fresher.

7. Honey

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Mix sugar, honey, olive oil and almond oil. Apply it on your lips and gently massages using your finger tips for 10-15 minutes, later just wipe it off using a cotton ball.

8.  Turmeric and Milk

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Just mix pinch of turmeric with milk cream and apply on your lips for 10 minutes. Later wipe it off using a cotton ball. Remember not to step out on sun with this mixture applied, preferably apply before going to bed.