me     When is the last time you couldn’t take your eyes off the mirror because you felt beautiful inside out? Have you ever wondered how to live pretty naturally? Well, I for sure have been baffled with this question all my life.

To be precise each one of us have a very different perspective when it comes to the word ‘beautiful’ but wanting to looking stunningly beautiful is ubiquitous trait. I love looking gorgeous just like every other girl. My definition of looking flawlessly beautiful is way beyond those expensive cosmetic products and parabens; it is to look great naturally.

I remember those days when I was in college and had a bad allergic reaction to some medicine. My entire face was covered with pimples and I could not go out. I looked hideous. My mother took me to a dermatologist who suggested me to take ten weeks of antibiotics and apply various medicines on my face. The loss of hope and fear of humiliation resulted in me shutting myself up for two weeks until my grandmother came to my rescue. She used her Vedic knowledge to create an ayurvedic remedy which worked wonders. Since then I am an ardent follower of ancient and Vedic beauty experts. Exploring and experimenting natural solutions to health and beauty issues is one of my passions. My family and cousins have always been around, giving me tips and suggestion to improve. Dikshant, Nana, nani, mom, dad, ashish, jimmy bhaiya, ruby di are my pillars…… so a great thanks to all of you for always being there for me. love you all <3 <3


So here I am to uncover the roots of Vedic solutions and share my knowledge and expertise in various home remedies to make you look gorgeous naturally. Rather than promoting various chemical products, I am here to help you navigate your way through easily and readily available home remedies.


Please feel free to share your suggestions and it would be great to know what worked for you and what did not.


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