Amazing Ginger Body Wrap for Inch Loss Overnight

Amazing Ginger Body Wrap for Inch Loss Overnight

Want Flat stomach and slim body?????

Try this body wrap and you will never regret. It’s my all time favorite.

Ginger has long been recognized as one of the most incredible health and beauty products. I love using it in both ways, cooking as well as a beauty product.

Ginger not only speeds up your metabolism but also promotes faster weight loss. Compression and the body heat generated from the ginger wrap did wonders for me.

Ginger Body Wrap

Ground Ginger or fresher ginger
(If using fresh ginger, make sure to grind it well making fine paste)
Body lotion (any)

  • Soak a hand towel completely in Hot water
  • Squeeze excess water and place the towel on the area you want to apply the wrap for few minutes until it cools down. This will open the pores and your wrap will work more effectively.
  • Mix 2 tbsp of ginger paste with your usual body lotion.

Amazing Ginger Body Wrap for Inch Loss Overnight03

  • Apply a thick layer of this mixture over your skin where you desired to reduce. Do not rub or massage.
  • Cover the area completely using clear plastic cling wrap several times. Now cover the plastic wrap again with bandage wrap.

Amazing Ginger Body Wrap for Inch Loss Overnight01

Make sure the wrap is comfortable, neither too tight nor too loose, it should be tight enough for the pack to stay intact.

For 4-5 hours do not bend or move much, you can walk a little if you want or just lie down and relax. After removing the wrap, take a measuring tape and compare your measurements “Before & After”. I lost 1.4 inches from my waist.


After wrapping you will start feeling the warming effect of ginger, this sensation is relaxing nothing to worry. Even after removing the wrap you feel the warming effect for some time.

Ginger decreases the amounts of fat stored right under the skin. You can also massage ginger oil in the problem spot before going to bed. You will soon start seeing a difference.

Amazing Ginger Body Wrap for Inch Loss Overnight02

Losing weight differs from person to person. Lot of other factors also matters like your metabolism, diet, lifestyle and activity. Amount of inches lost using the same procedure will vary. But will suggest you to definitely try this amazing ginger wrap. Its inexpensive and easy to make. You will see some skin firming and fat loss, especially if you are consistent. Adding ginger to your diet will enhance the results even further.

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