How to Get Good Beauty Sleep?

How to Get Good Beauty Sleep

A good night sleep has a great impact on our lifestyle. Wake up feeling refreshed, in a good mood, and ready to seize the day, healthy body, no dark circles are the benefits of beauty sleep.

If you are having trouble getting consistent good nights of sleep, there might be a few things you are doing wrong. Break your bad habits and follow 5 rules for good sleep and lead a more energetic and happy life.

1. Schedule

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Maintain your sleeping cycle. Frequent change of sleeping cycle and hours of sleep directly impacts your health. Your body will get used to your schedule and you will be able to get to sleep much more easily.

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2. Stress Free Sleep

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Thinking and stressing yourself too much will deprive you of your sleep. Take measured steps to reduce stress. Simply going for a 15 minute walk each day, watch a funny movie, meet your friends, involve yourself in a activity and good food can greatly reduce stress.

3. Planning

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Before going to sleep, involve yourself in a 15-20 minute routine to relax your mind and body daily. Take shower, read a book, listen music or any activity that doesn’t stimulate your mind too much. Following this routine daily will prep your brain and body for sleep. Avoid glaring at cell phone, tablet or brain storming before going to bed.

4. Bed=Sleep & Relax

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Do not read a book or watch TV while you are in the bed. Doing so might make you fall asleep but you will always wake up at some point. Your body will be conditioned to wake up in your bed and you will have difficulties staying asleep.

5. Dim the Lights

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Bright and sharp lights stimulate your brain and prevent you from getting sleep. Avoid having tube light or any high watt lights on while you are preparing for sleep.