Essential Winter Care Tips

Essential Winter Care Tips

Stepping to winter, we gear ourselves with full trendy winter clothes, boots and woolly beanies. We often forget that our skin and hair needs extra protection of all. Be it with skin care, makeup routines or our diet.

I have listed out few common mistakes we all often do in winters, that causes our skin look dull, flaky and acne breakouts.

1. Hot Water

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A ten-minute hot shower is one thing, but just standing under the running hot water, enjoying the heat can be the reason your skin dries out and looks ashen. Hot water damages the lipid layer of our skin that aids in locking in moisture to keep our skin soft and supple.

2. Preventions

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Instead of waiting for damage to be done, start taking possible preventions. So stock up on coconut and olive oils, or go all out and splurge on high-end moisturizers and body butters.

3. Moisturized Lips

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With constant cold weather outdoors and drying heat indoors, our lips can get prone to cracking and losing color. Apply a rich lip balm or layer your lippies with Vaseline petroleum jelly before going to bed to keep your lips hydrated throughout the night.

4. Sun Protection


Just because its winters, do not skip out on your SPF, sun can still cause your skin to age, cause spots and sunburns, and cause uneven skin tone. Make sure your moisturizer or/and your foundation; both have an SPF of at least 30 to block out the harmful rays of the sun.

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5. Hands & Feet

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Just because you have your hands and feet covered all the time, does not mean it does not need attention and care.  Take good care of hands and feet, so that they’re not completely hardened and rough by the time spring comes around. A daily ten-minute warm water soak followed by applying a generous layer of plain old petroleum jelly and finally covering with gloves and socks, can keep your extremities soft throughout winter.

6. Hair

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Static-charged hair can literally kill our winter look. Prevent the unkempt, dry static hair by smoothing a pinch of your drugstore hand cream over your tresses.

7. Diet


Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking water is very important to keep your skin looking fresh, glowy, plump and supple.

Skip out on the heavy and oily carbs and fats, opt for fresh fruits and veggies rich in antioxidants instead; (antioxidants protect your skin against damage, keeping it healthy looking).