Essential Skin Care Habits

Just as there are many factors to sabotage our skin, there are also some essential good habits that can help you maintain healthy and younger looking skin. Here are few tips to add on your daily routine to foster clear skin.

Chose Products based on your skin type

Consult your dermatologist and learn about your skin type before picking any product based on fancy and attractive advertisement, it may vary from being sensitive, dry and oily or combination. Each type needs different cleansers, serums, moisturizers, and treatments.

Personal Research

Once you are aware of your skin type and ready to investment on good skin care products, put a break and do a thorough research. Reviews, clinical studies and gather samples if possible. Opt for smaller tubes before you are sure and confident about the product.


Cleanse your skin every morning and night to remove dirt and oil. Do it gently so that you don’t lose your skin natural oils, as your skin does need some oil to stay hydrated. Look for gentle and skin friendly foam cleanser.

Sunscreen – MANDATORY

Being bliss for vitamin D, Sun’s uv rays aren’t that skin friendly. Do not depend on your foundation’s sun protection only; make a habit of wearing a good SPF as per your skin requirement underneath your foundation regularly. Also avoid getting close to heaters and fireplaces as it can also wreak havoc on your skin and collagen breakdown.

Healthy Diet

To look healthy outside, you need to eat right to stay healthy inside. As it’s not easy to hide the toxins [Alcohol, Cigarettes, caffeine, junk food etc.] we feed our body to not show on our skin and hair.

Baby Skin

Treat your skin as an infant baby. Don’t go rough with those scrubs and loofah instead stay gentle with a soft touch in circular motions.

Adapt to Seasons

Skin feels different with change in weather and season; hence you have to be flexible with the skin care products accordingly. As your skin’s natural oil mixes with dirt, makeup and sweat, hence keep in mind that foaming and gel-based cleansers cut through oil better than cream cleansers and lightweight moisturizers will keep skin hydrated and not clog pores. Skin that is very dry needs moisture to stay balanced and clear, so you may want to consider switching to a cream cleanser and heavier cream with nourishing ingredients during winter time.


Along with moisturizing your skin drink plenty water to keep your skin hydrated inside-out.


Maintain hygiene with what touches your skin. Face towel, makeup brushes, mobile phones, your hand etc.

Stay Happy & Relaxed

Being happy reflects on your face immediately. In this stressful lifestyle, find some time to relax your mind, body and soul. Sip on some green tea, meditate, go for a walk, hangout with friends and family.

Goodnight sleep

A goodnight sleep also benefits your skin to rejuvenate. To add-on make sure to use a clean and soft pillow case so your hair and skin sleeps well without any tangles and breakout.


Applying too much makeup on regular basis

Sleeping with makeup on

AC for longer times as it dehydrates your skin

Sweet beverages

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