Eat It to Lose It

Eat it to lose it

Counting calories intake, starving, crash diets….. I tried almost everything. I did lose weight but only for a while, you cannot starve or go on crash diets forever. And trust me it’s not even healthy for your body in the long run. Instead, I found a better idea to lose belly fat because, if you gain too much weight, your body starts to store your fat in unusual places.

I found out 18 foods that’s not only healthy and tasty but also helps you lose belly fat.

1. Oatmeal

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Replace your usual breakfast with a bowl of oatmeal; its rich fiber content will help you stay full till lunch hour avoiding unnecessary munching.

2. Go Nut’s

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A bloated stomach not only hampers your personality but also makes you uncomfortable.
Rich in skin-boosting vitamin E, protein and fiber content, Almond helps you to stay full for a longer duration. Stick to 24 almonds a day to satisfy your hunger pangs without overloading on calories.

3. Protein Powder

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Don’t worry; you need not be a gym person to have protein drink. Add just 2 tsp of protein shake to your smoothie for a fat-busting drink. Protein powder contains amino acids that burn fat and build muscle.

4. Olive Oil


Opt for mono-unsaturated fats like olive or canola oil for cooking purpose, it will help keep your cholesterol under control and satisfy cravings.

5. Berry Berry

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Berries stuff a lot of filling fiber into a tiny package. Just one cup of raspberries has six grams.

6. Good Bacteria

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After you turn 35, levels of friendly gut bacteria drop significantly, leaving you at an increased risk of sluggish digestion and bloating. To combat this, have a Probiotic drink or yoghurt every day.

7. Eggs

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Eggs contain vitamin B12, which your body needs to metabolize fat. In fact, researchers at Louisiana State University found that people who ate eggs for breakfast every day lost more weight than those who ate bagels.

8. Fish

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Your body burns more calories digesting protein than carbs or fat. Choose fish, go for tuna and salmon; they are full of omega-3s, which help prevent stress chemicals that promote fat abs. Boost heart health, lower your risk of dementia, and improve your moors.

9. Whole Grains

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The right kinds of carbs are actually good for you. Choose whole grains — their fiber keeps you from getting hungry. The waistlines of middle-aged people who ate white bread and other white carbohydrates expanded three times more than those who ate wholemeal foods, according to an American research.

10. Green Vegetables

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Veggies like spinach and broccoli are loaded with fiber and very few calories. Have a salad before a meal and you’ll be satisfied with smaller portions later. All types of green leafy vegetables are extremely low in calories, full of fibre and offer several vital vitamins and minerals that help to ease water retention without causing the bloating and tummy discomfort.

11. Peanut Butter

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Peanut Butter is packed with niacin, which keeps the digestive system on track and prevents belly bloat. Just keep an eye on portion size: Peanut butter does have a lot of fat, so limit yourself to no more than two tablespoons a day.

12. Dairy

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Calcium helps break down fat and may even prevent it from forming.

13. Avocados

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In addition to containing lots of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, avocados are a terrific source of filling fiber (11 to 17 grams per avocado).

14. Watermelon

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This giant fruit contains 82 percent water, which helps to keep you full for a longer duration and also removes excess sodium present in the body. This super sweet fruit is also rich in vitamin C and contains barely 100 calories in one cup.

15. Apples

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Apples are packed with fibre, which makes your belly feel full. Thus, avoiding over eating; besides it also fills your body with maximum nutrients.

16. Cucumber

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Cucumber is an extremely refreshing and low-calorie food. They contain approximately 96 percent water content, which makes it a cooling food. One full cucumber contains just 45 calories, making it sexy stomach food.

17. Detox Drinks

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 18. Beans and Legumes

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Beans are low-cal and packed with protein and fiber, which help you tone up and lose weight. Make a bean-heavy dish, such as burritos, instead of meat once a week. You’ll cut a lot of saturated fat and replace it with fiber. Beans also help to feel full for a longer duration, thus avoiding over indulgence.


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  1. Avoid skipping meals as it slows down your metabolism permanently, making it tough to stay slim. Never go without food for more than three hours.

  2. Avoid or reduce your alcohol intake as it’s not only brimming with calories but drinking too much alcohol dehydrates skin and can age you prematurely.

  3. Avoid consuming too much of salt as it causes water retention, leaving you heavy and sluggish.

  4. Avoid sugar cereals as most sugary cereals are hopelessly low on fiber and high on sugar.