Dry skin needs as much care as oily skin. People will dry skin will be able to relate to me, as I constantly need to grab moisturizer where ever I go.

Especially during winters, our skin tends to get more itchy, flaky and dull.

Here is a perfect daily skin care routine to beat that flaky dry skin for moisturized and soft skin.

Daily Skin Routine:


  • Wash face with plain water
  • Apply a mild cleanser
  • Follow with a non-drying toner
  • Next apply a good moisturizer covering your face, lips and neck
  • And finally apply sunscreen on all exposed parts, 30 mins before stepping out


Skin needs time to heal and night is the best time to give all that rest your skin needs

  • Rinse your face with plain water
  • Use micellar water to remove makeup, dirt and oil build-ups
  • Cleanse your skin well
  • Apply nourishing night cream suiting your skin
  • Use jade roller pin for good blood circulation for 10-15 min
  • Get 8 hrs of sleep

Weekly Skin Routine:

  • Exfoliate and apply Face mask
  • Take steam and remove blackheads
  • Massage your face for 30 mins


  1. Use plain or cold water for washing
  2. Always moisturise
  3. Always carry lip balm, Moisturizer & Face Mist
  4. Carry Walnut or Almond, etc. [food rich in antioxidants]
  5. Keep yourself hydrated
  6. Stick to breathable clothing


  1. Don’t stay under sun for long
  2. Don’t stay in swimming (chlorine) water for long
  3. Don’t use unknown products or highly chemical based products
  4. Don’t smoke
  5. Stay away from alcohol as it dehydrates your skin

Have a Happy Skin 🙂