17 Weight Loss Tips You Probably Dint Pay Attention

17 Weight Loss Tips You Probably Dint Pay Attention

Losing weight needs a lot of motivation and self control.

When I see around, almost everything tempts me like, the bed tempts me to sleep, my room-mate snacks tempts me, the party happening next house tempts me, cozy bean bag tempts me.. and the list is never ending. This makes it more difficult for me to concentrate on losing weight.

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We generally talk and do things to lose weight ignoring the motivational and control part. Let’s make a plan including our eating habits, being active, no crash diet and healthy habits. By healthy habits I mean inspiring and motivating yourself. Losing even an inch should feel like a huge promotion to you.

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Here are 17 ways you can push yourself more in a good way.

1. Motivational Note

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Sticky notes or posters with motivating lines is like a continuous reminder. Stick it on your mirror, work place, desktop or refrigerator, where you can see it often.

2. Sexy Workout clothes

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Buy a good and sexy pair of workout clothes. Losing weight is more about looking and feeling good. When you see yourself in good clothes working out, you are automatically motivated.

3. Divert Your Mind

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Exercising initially is fun but after a week it gets boring. To ease up that boredom, focus not only on losing weight but also on building confidence and looking fabulous after 2 months. Just imagine yourself two months later in a sexy dress after losing those inches from your waist.
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4. Separate your Meal

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Kitchen is the most irresistible place for someone trying to lose weight. Do one thing, empty one shelf and place all your healthy and low fat food properly. Prepare your stock and meal and place it for every week, so that when you are very hungry, you don’t end up eating something in a hurry which you might regret later. Do this placement of food for your refrigerator also.

5. Reward yourself

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Set goal points for yourself, like I shall shop another pair of jeans only when I lose 2 kg, treat yourself with an ice cream when you workout extra on weekends. This way you can also make workout more fun and motivate yourself at the same time.

6. Walk and Talk

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  • When on a call, start walking
  • Instead of sitting for long in the office, stand and work
  • In between take a round inside the office

Following these 3 steps will not only help you from not getting bored but also burn calories.

7. Playlist

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Sort out the best, energetic and electrifying tracks and save it as different playlist to listen while you workout.

8. Mouthwash

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Once I start eating, my craving doesn’t stop especially when it’s something sweet. So here is what you need to do, keep a mouthwash bottle handy at your kitchen, washroom, office and handbag. Right after your meal, cleanse your mouth with peppermint mouthwash. This way, the taste will wave off from your tongue reducing the craving.

9. Drink Water

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Drinking water not aids weight loss but also skin care, hair and various health issues. It very rare that we actually feel thirsty, still we need to drink minimum 3 liters of water every day. Let’s make our water little fun to see and drink so that we enjoy rather get bored. Add raspberries, strawberries, oranges, lemons, limes, or any other fruit you’d like to your water bottles. It flavors it & keeps it cold. You could also freeze lemon juice in ice cube trays and pop them in there. It’s the little things like this that make your workout and drinking water more exciting!
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10. Plan

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To avoid wasting time in the morning set aside everything you’ll need (shorts, sports bra, shirt, socks, shoes, iPod, head phones, gym card, etc.) and put it all in one place night before.

11. No Second Round

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Make sure you don’t go back to the kitchen for second serving, try to kill the urge and eat less. Our mind plays tricks with our stomach sometimes, example when you use a small plate, even though food is less the plate looks full and your brain send signal because of which you tend to eat less. Also eat slowly and chew your food properly. When you eat slowly your stomach receives signal in a while that it’s full and proper chewing helps in digestion.

Small plate and slow eating works best in controlling your food intake.

12. Kill That Hour

Most of us have a certain time of the day when we are prone to food cravings and binging. Know when your “weak times” are and change them! Use those hours to do something that keeps your hands busy, and mind distracted. If you can’t change that part of your day, at least set aside 10 minutes to listen to music, go for a short walk, or call a friend to break it up and have something to look forward to. Small changes can make a big difference.

13. No Comparing

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Do not compare yourself with others, instead focus on improve in getting the best version of yourself. Life is way too short to spend another day at war with you. Make your goals realistic and you’re more likely to succeed.

14. Download An App

Start using a weight loss tracker. They help keep you control and make eating the optimal amount of calories easy. You can track and see the progress on daily basis.

15. Click A Pic

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Once a week click a picture of yourself covering the entire body. Keep this pic as a reference for the next week to see if you can find any changes. Trust me seeing difference over few weeks will not only boost your confidence but also give you your own weight loss entries.

16. Stay Healthy

You have to stay positive, love yourself, and focus on being grateful for your body and what’s it’s capable of.

17. Think Positive

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Positive thinking and determination is a key to follow all the above points. Say to yourself that you can do it everyday.