10 Easy Ways to Loose Dark Circles

10 ways to loose darkcircles

10 easy Ways to Loose Dark Circles

Dark circles are the blemishes\black spots under our eyes.
Main cause for dark circles may be Heredity, Allergies, Asthma, certain medication, Anemia, Fatigue, Liver problems, Aging, eating habits, lack of sleep and depression.

1. Proper Sleep

10 Easy Ways to Loose Dark Circles2
Proper 8 hour of sleep is your body requirement to function efficiently and look good. Lack of sleep will not charge your body to work for the day instead will make you look drowsy, sick and dull reflecting your inattentive personality.
Sleep well and let all organs of your body rest and gain strength.

2. Tomato or Potato

10 Easy Ways to Loose Dark Circles3

  • Take one teaspoon juice of either tomato or potato
  • Dab a cotton and apply under the eyes
  • Leave for 15-20 minutes and later rinse off

With regular use the natural whitening properties present in both the item helps reducing the dark circles.

3. Green Tea

10 Easy Ways to Loose Dark Circles1

  • Don’t throw the tea bags after use.
  • Let them cool your eyes by placing it over your closed eyes for 10-15 minutes.
  • Repeat this process everyday once. It helps relax your eye muscles.


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Apply 1 tsp honey under four eyes in a thin layer and rinse off after 20 minutes. Honey is an all rounder ingredient.
You must have it all the time with yourself, even when traveling.

5. Rose Water

10 Easy Ways to Loose Dark Circles7
Dabbing a cotton ball into rose water and placing it over your closed eyes helps you refresh and lighten the skin under the eyes.

6. Aloe Vera

10 Easy Ways to Loose Dark Circles6

  • Cut around 2 inches of aloevera stem
  • Gently peel off its thin layer of skin and apply the gel coming out over and under your eyes
  • Repeat this process every night before sleeping.

7. Almond and Coconut oil

10 Easy Ways to Loose Dark Circles5
Massaging the skin around your eyes regularly with almond or coconut oil helps regulate blood flow and promotes skin lightning and reduce fine lines.

8. Cucumber

10 Easy Ways to Loose Dark Circles4

  • Cut two slice of cucumber
  • Place it over your closed eyes
  • Let it cool your eyes for 15 minutes
  • Wipe off gently with a cotton ball

It will reduce the puffiness below the eye and refresh the skin around.

9. Under eye cream with vitamin and retinol

10 Easy Ways to Loose Dark Circles8
Consult a dermatologist and use a good under eye cream before going to bed.

10. Avoid Junk food….. Avoid stress… Reduce alcohol consumption… Smoke less…..

10 Easy Ways to Loose Dark Circles9

These points also needs to be addressed along with the remedies. Just an eye pack alone wont help if you are not following a healthy routine.

Please note getting rid of dark circles is not a overnight process. Regular care and healthy lifestyle is mandatory.