10 Steps towards Getting Healthy vagina

10 steps towards getting healthy vagina

Staying clean and healthy down there is as important as having a clean and fresh mouth.

Vagina being one of the most sensitive part does most of the cleaning itself with the help of special bacteria and natural secretion. Natural discharge does not have any smell or color neither will you feel and uncomfortable itchiness or irritation around your vaginal area. A healthy vagina is naturally equipped with good bacteria that helps keep your vagina infection free and maintains a healthy pH level.

In-case of smelly discharge or itchiness, immediately consult a gynecologist along with an adult.

10 Steps towards Getting Healthy vagina


1. No Soap

Stop using scented soap wash down there for cleaning, its suppose to smell like vagina and not like a flower bouquet. There are lot of hygienic V wash available in the market, consult a doctor and pick yourself one soap free wash. Also please notice you need not use V wash multiple times a day, one time use while you shower is enough. Its meant only for external use.

2. Cotton Care

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Your vagina needs to breathe and absorb moisture, packing it inside a scented panty wont do any good. Cotton Panties is your vagina’s favorite, that’s why most of the underwear comes with a cotton strip in the crotch. Wear loose underwear enabling proper air circulation.

3. Hello Gyno

Pay regular half-yearly visit to your gynecologist to ensure that everything is okay and infection free.

4. Sanitary Napkins

10 steps towards getting healthy vagina03

Change your pads and tampons in every 2-3 hours to keep your vagina okay during periods. While picking up sanitary napkins make sure it is cotton based, avoid using lot of gel based pads. Now a days even toxic free and herbal based pads are available, try switching to more natural ways to protect your vagina.

5. Work Out

Kegels workout is essential for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, which are key in producing stronger, mind-blowing orgasms—not to mention bladder control.

6. No Douching

Doctors do not recommend douching, it changes the balance natural chemical in your vagina making it easier to get infected. The vagina cleanses itself with the natural fluids.

7. Handle with Care

Please pad your genitals well before trying any extreme sports where your genital can b risked. Cycling may not sound that extreme but it might risk for genital numbness, pain and tingling. So gear up well and enjoy your sport.

8. Antibiotics

Antibiotic pills can kill some of your good bacteria also like lactobacili that keeps your vagina healthy. But you cannot avoid taking those pills when your are sick, just take pro-biotic Greek yogurt to reduce the damage.

9. Healthy Diet

Eating healthy and nutritious food along with plenty of fluids keeps your vagina and reproductive healthy. Include cranberry and yogurt in your diet to prevent yeast infection.

10. Stay Dry

Don’t forget to keep tissue paper 24×7 in your washroom. Every time you urinate, clean your vagina with water and wipe off using tissue roll. Always keep your vagina dry.